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    Conservation and

Environmental Policies

Gannet Safaris Overland relies on the natural environment to be able to provide unique and amazing experiences for our customers who journey with us. Therefore it is important for us to do everything we can to protect our natural environment.

These policies shall apply to Gannet Safaris Overland LTD


To identify the procedures in place and outline a code of conduct for staff that will enable us to continue to improve on the environmental sustainability of Gannet Safaris Overland.


  • Where possible Gannet Safaris staff will be encouraged to purchase biodegradable or recyclable products. I.e. Paper Cups, Plates, rubbish bags
  • Alternatives to single use plastics bottles will be used on tours where possible. Energy Conservation
  • Staff will be encouraged to turn off lights and appliances when they are not in use
  • Energy efficient lighting will be installed in the office spaces.

Waste Management

  • Recycling facilities are provided
  • Staff will be educated on how to correctly utilize the recycling facilities on site.
  • Staff are encouraged to recycle correctly. – Compostable Waste is taken off site to be composted.
  • Waste is to be collected in biodegradable rubbish bags
  • Paper is to be reused whenever possible.

Vehicle Fleet

  • Staff are required to schedule routes to minimize wastage and reduce carbon footprint
  • All vehicles are to be serviced and maintained to ensure their efficiency
  • Carbon emissions of the fleet will be monitored Nature Reserve
  • Staff are to be aware of threats to the nature reserve when touring the area and will work to minimize these threats.
  • Staff are to be aware of the potential risk of introducing predators to the Nature Reserve via the vehicles and will check the vehicles for harbored predators before departing the Base and entering the nature reserve.

Social Responsibility

Gannet Safaris will continue to research and understand the effects our business has on the environment, with the aim to further reduce out companies imprint.