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The Cape Sanctuary Donation Program

Gannet Safaris Overland have partnered with The Cape Sanctuary to plant more grasses and natives on Cape Kidnappers Peninsula to restore our amazing wildlife. Choose to become a part of the movement by giving back and contributing to sustainable living and carbon offsets – choose to donate $4 per person to The Cape Sanctuary when you book a tour with us. The Cape Sanctuary has an army of volunteers who have planted over 1.5 million native trees to date, and we are committed to plant many more.

Gannet Safaris Overland work closely with the Cape Sanctuary which is Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest privately owned wildlife sanctuary. Their amazing team is made up of over 300 volunteers that are giving their time to restore our beautiful land and replant grasses and natives to support the return of our wildlife.

It all started in 2006, when the two joining farm owners, Mr Robertson and Mr Lowe, installed a predator proof fence which runs the width of the peninsular,10.6km, to keep wildlife predators out. This is the farmland that we cross on our safari, and we will teach you all about our wildlife and its challenges. Through the tireless and amazing effort and work of volunteers and staff, approximately 500 acres of sand dunes have been returned to their natural state. Invasive weed species that prevent the natural cycle of the sand movement have been removed and were replaced by native species.

18 different species have been translocated into the Cape Kidnappers Sanctuary since the fence went up. Some of the highlights include:

  • Petrels successfully nesting outside the heavily protected seabird site
  • Kiwi breeding without human intervention so we do not know the total population
  • Little blue penguins breeding after coming in on the sound
  • Cook Straight Giant Weta from Mana Island & Matiu Soames Island successfully reproducing, and the population is slowly expanding

As many businesses have been doing, Gannet Safaris Overland have been looking at what we can do to help contribute to our carbon offset and how our business contributes to sustainability.
Follow and support us on our sustainability and conservation journey, or contact Rachel Ward or Liz Lowe if you would like to become part of the volunteer program yourself.


This project started September 2022. (running total updated 30th April 2025)

Total Amount of
Donations Received: $7207.40

Environmental Policies

Gannet Safaris Overland relies on the natural environment to be able to provide unique and amazing experiences for our customers who journey with us. Therefore it is important for us to do everything we can to protect our natural environment.

These policies shall apply to Gannet Safaris Overland LTD


To identify the procedures in place and outline a code of conduct for staff that will enable us to continue to improve on the environmental sustainability of Gannet Safaris Overland.


  • Where possible Gannet Safaris staff will be encouraged to purchase biodegradable or recyclable products. I.e. Paper Cups, Plates, rubbish bags
  • Alternatives to single use plastics bottles will be used on tours where possible. Energy Conservation
  • Staff will be encouraged to turn off lights and appliances when they are not in use
  • Energy efficient lighting will be installed in the office spaces.

Waste Management

  • Recycling facilities are provided
  • Staff will be educated on how to correctly utilize the recycling facilities on site.
  • Staff are encouraged to recycle correctly. – Compostable Waste is taken off site to be composted.
  • Waste is to be collected in biodegradable rubbish bags
  • Paper is to be reused whenever possible.

Vehicle Fleet

  • Staff are required to schedule routes to minimize wastage and reduce carbon footprint
  • All vehicles are to be serviced and maintained to ensure their efficiency
  • Carbon emissions of the fleet will be monitored Nature Reserve
  • Staff are to be aware of threats to the nature reserve when touring the area and will work to minimize these threats.
  • Staff are to be aware of the potential risk of introducing predators to the Nature Reserve via the vehicles and will check the vehicles for harbored predators before departing the Base and entering the nature reserve.

Social Responsibility

Gannet Safaris will continue to research and understand the effects our business has on the environment, with the aim to further reduce out companies imprint.


Gannet Safari's is proud to support the conservation efforts of #capesanctuary through our tourism partnership. While the #gannet season has pressed pause for the winter months, Cape Sanctuary tours are still up and running! Book now to se Hawke's Bays best kept secret and a chance for up close encounters with critically endangered takahē and more!
Gannet Safaris Overland has once again been awarded a 2024 Travellers Choice Award from TripAdvisor. 🙌

Many thanks to everyone for their wonderful reviews and for coming and experiencing our awesome tour with us 🐦🚌🛳. @tripadvisor #capekidnappers #gannets
We are absolutely thrilled to have been named as finalists by Tourism Export Council New Zealand for the 2024 Small Allied Tour Operator of the Year Award.  We’re honoured to be in such good company alongside Mackenzie helicopters Helicopters. 

Wishing the very best to all of the finalists ahead of the awards in Invercargill this August
The Cape Kidnappers Gannet colony offers an exquisite opportunity for photographers to capture the beauty of thousands of birds against a stunning backdrop. 

With thousands of birds only meters away, everyone and every camera leaves with incredible photos to match the memories. 

Book your summer experience online now to see why photographers, amateurs and professionals alike label #GannetSafaris as a must do experience! 

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Gannets aren’t the only bird who call the Cape Kidnappers Peninsula home! 

Hundreds of little blue penguins burrow along the shoreline of the peninsula, inhabiting sand dune, coastal grasses and cliffside. In fact, the lower gannet colony shares terrain with penguin burrows. 

These gorgeous penguins are kept safe by the  pest control and habitat restoration work of the @cape_sanctuary team! 

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Did you know there’s not one, not two but three colonies at the Cape Kidnappers point! Located below the steep cliffs of the main colony is a slightly smaller seaside colony where gannets and fur seals share the rocky shore. Further along the point is the ‘saddle’ colony, a smaller collective only viewed from the main platform as erosion has rendered the cliff side impassable. 

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The currently empty nest sites at #Capekidnappers have us reminiscing about sweet spring moments like this. 

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Dreaming about summer already? 

Look no further than Gannet Safari’s Overland! The only overland access to the world renowned Cape Kidnappers Gannet Colony.

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The Overland Gannet Safari adventure travels through nationally Cape Kidnapper's station. Whilst gannets are at the centre of the show, witnessing the incredible landscape of the Cape Kidnappers peninsula and the land's farming history is a memorable experience in itself. Be greeted by hundreds of sheep and cattle, and,  if you're lucky catch working dogs in action across the steep hillsides. 

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The Cape Kidnapper's 20,000 strong Gannet Colony is Aotearoa New Zealand's largest accessible mainland colony and is a MUST DO for locals and visitors alike! Marvel at the beauty and sheer size of this incredible colony, perched above the daunting cliffs of the stunning Cape Kidnappers coastline. 

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