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Captivating champion divers and masters of the sea, Gannets are true acrobats. Brace yourself for a journey that takes you from coast to cape, to the world’s largest and most accessible Gannet colony in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay. Discover the mesmerising birds in an almost face to face experience and take in the stunning vista of the area.

Let’s take you on a Cape Kidnappers Gannet Safari

For over 50 years, Cape Kidnapper’s Gannet Safaris has been the only tour to take you overland, bringing you close and personal with the fierce seabirds and their thriving environment for nesting and breeding.
Starting off at our Te Awanga base, our fleet of 4×4 vehicles will take you through pristine coastline, working farm, native bush to New Zealand’s largest, privately-owned nature reserve. The guided safari will take you on a stunning discovery tour to the top of Cape Kidnappers’ Gannet Colony where you will come to encounter over 20,000 gannets. Watch the seabirds in their natural habitat – nesting, preening, dancing swooping and diving into the sea right before your eyes.
With the vast Pacific Ocean in sight, beneath the land of the long white clouds, and surrounded by beautiful, winged wonders; discover the land, sea and sky of Aotearoa with Gannet Safaris Overland Safari.

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Explore our amazing backyard

  • “As many people have commented here, this excursion is much more than just "going to see some birds". Not only do you have fantastic scenery you get to learn so much communicated in an entertaining way. Tony our guide is responsible for this and his knowledge breath is remarkable. You'll learn about the conservation effort being carried out there, local farming, lost golf balls and everything else in-between, too much to mention here. Highly recommended if you are in the area.”

    Trip Advisor - December 2022

  • Fabulous tour, such fun, very inclusive, enjoyed opening gates. Guide was amazing and super knowledgeable. Real value for money - couldn't recommend it more highly!

    Trip Advisor - December 2022

  • “Fantastic! Great info given out. Spectacular scenery, amazing gannets. This was the highlight of my holiday. I will recommend to others.”

    Trip Advisor - September 2022

  • “We loved every minute of the tour. Wayne was so experienced with non stop information that made the trip really interesting. The gannets were amazing - the flying, nesting, feeding. A really great 3 hours from start to finish”

    Trip Advisor - September 2022

  • “Fantastic tour with lots of interesting information along the way from our lovely guide. This has been the highlight of our NZ trip so far. Great scenery and superb weather definitely helped. But the gannet behaviour in their natural environment was great to watch, without feeling that we were impacting on their habitat.”

    Trip Advisor - October 2022

  • “Great 1/2 day experience to visit Cape Kidnappers and the gannet colonies there. Informative commentary about the private property that owns the land, as well as landscape fauna & flora. 2 stops (1 includes cup of tea/coffee and a bikkie) including 45min spent watching the gannet colony. Comfortable clean air-conditioned mini-bus. Spectacular scenery, so bring your camera!”

    Trip Advisor - November 2022

  • “We took this tour as part of a Holland America cruise ship visit, and it was my favourite tour in New Zealand. I'm not a "birder" at all, but I like tours that get you out to see the countryside. Our driver and guide was very good. He gave us history of the area, of the nature preserve and of the various iterations of the property around the cape.”

    Trip Advisor - December 2022

  • Highlight of our Hawkes Bay stay. Friendly and knowledgable hosts/ drivers. History and conservation aspect of the area super interesting. Element of adventure... plus the gannets! Time and money well spent. Highly recommend.

    Get Your Guide - September 2022

  • “The visit was perfect, the guide excellent, thank you so much. You must do if you are in Napier.”

    Trip Advisor - October 2022

  • “Fascinating trip to the gannets, made very special by the knowledge of our tour host Graham. A great afternoon out. great views, local knowledge and wonderful births of chicks!”

    Trip Advisor - November 2022

  • “The best 3 hours I spent in New Zealand and the most instructive. A fabulous photography experience and the rather precarious journey there and back was made enjoyable by the commentary of the guide who was amusing and extremely knowledgable. Highly recommended.”

    Get Your Guide - November 2022

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Fancy a gannet pie? 🥧

In 1789 a hungry Captain James Cook documented his kiwi take on the classic Christmas 'goose pie' reporting that "our goose pye was eat with great approbation" by the crew. Well before the invention of Gannet pie, young takapū were an important part of Māori diet. Nowadays, like most of our native birds gannets enjoy full protection. Whilst gannet pie is certainly off the menu, visiting these cutie pies isn't - with only a few more days of tours available be sure to get your ticket ASAP! 

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There's only two weeks to go before bookings for #gannetsafarisoverland tours close! Get your camera packed, sunblock on and a smile ready for Hawkes Bay's most #instaworthy view! 

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Ever wondered how a #gannet nest is made?

 In late winter and early spring, the Takapū/ Australasian gannets are often sighted flying around with seaweed - a key component in their nest structure. By use of a build up of guano, nutrient packed excrement, the gannets form a concrete like cylindrical wall that is softened with seaweed. These nests are incredibly resilient and can last for years!

Only the males return with seaweed, a helpful tip for distinguishing sexes. 

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Be sure to book your end of season #gannetsafarisoverland tour before April 30th! 

If seeing #NewZealands largest, accessible mainland colony of takapū/ Australasian gannets has been on your bucket list, the coming weeks are your last chance for an up-close experience with these incredible birds. 

Visit our website, www.gannetsafarisoverland.co.nz for more information 

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Hey Gary, can you not read the sign? Get back on your side of the barrier 😉🐦 

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Our cruise ship passengers favourite post-tour treat! We love @scottsstrawberryfarm locally grown strawberries 🍓🍓
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So exciting to have our first cruise ship visitors of the season. We loved having #nationalgeographicorion as our first group 🚢🐦🥳🥳 #napiernz #hawkesbay #hawkesbaynz #capekidnappers #newzealand #gannetsafarisoverland #cruiseshipexcursion
It was awesome having all the managers from the iSite’s across New Zealand experience a famil with us while at their conference held in Napier last week.  Such an awesome team to host. 🌞
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